No, Bad Tourist, You Can’t Touch the Hot Springs at Yellowstone

Washington Post, September 7, 2023 

Where to Take the Waters: A U.S. Hot Springs Guide

New York Times, March 30, 2022


Feel Frazzled? These Soothing Hot Springs Let You Unwind

National Geographic March 11, 2021

Big Sky Oasis: Montana's Hot Springs Were Pockets of Peace and Luxury on the Frontier

National Endowment for the Humanities Magazine, January 2012

Hot Springs Across Montana: A Comprehensive Guide

Montana Press Monthly January 27, 2019

Montana’s Hot Springs are Cool Now, but they were Awesome in 1910.

Great Falls Tribune February 22, 2018

Hot Springs to Visit this Winter in the Northwest

Northwestern Outdoors Radio Podcast, December 26, 2020

Montana's Hot Springs--Where Did They Come From? 

Montana Public Radio--August 31, 2022

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