Rituals of Bathing:

Hygiene and Preparation Rituals for Hot Spring Soaking

February 21st, 2024 - Wednesday 11am PST/ 1 PM CT/ 2pm EST

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Ben Brouwer

“Thanks, Jeff! The report has already been very helpful for me in improving my understanding of the landscape of geothermal development.

Ben Brouwer, Energy Bureau

Montana Department of Environmental Quality 2021

Report: Electrical Power Production from Geothermal Energy in Montana’s Oilfields

University of Montana

“Birkby's easy, pleasant presentation made the lecture enjoyable.”                   

‘Jeff is a very eloquent speaker and knowledgeable; I truly enjoyed this class!”

“Jeff Birkby’s delivery was comfortable, humorous, and interesting--he's a great storyteller."

“Despite being on Zoom, Jeff Birkby could engage with the audience. Also, the archival photos were great, and the presenter knew and loved his topic…it was not the usual presentation.”

Lecture: Social History of Montana Hot Springs

University of Montana 2020, 2022